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Harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in retail. Customer engagement will be shaped by customer experience. Technology is a key driver for the modern retailer in transforming consumer experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The Blink™ Augmented Reality system allows you to produce fully realistic 3D Augmented Reality content using no more than a low-cost depth camera and a PC or Laptop. Once made, the content can be easily uploaded to the cloud and is available to Android and iOS devices.  Photoreal 3D Augmented Reality content can be produced with a depth camera in minutes. The Blink™ platform can create content in moments, and at a fraction of the cost over traditional 3D Augmented Reality content.

The current state of Augmented Reality (AR) is defined not by the mobile devices used to experience AR but by the nature of the content available. The only currently available method to make 3D content for AR is to use hand-built 3D modelling techniques which are prohibitively expensive.

Blinxel has created a low-cost, easy and fast way for anyone to create photo-realistic 3D content with the intention of being compatible with any modern mobile (e.g. Smartphone), tablet or desktop-based AR or VR platform. This software solution produces amazing results with less than $1,000 of equipment, and a modern laptop or desktop computer.

The tool, “Blink™”, is designed from the ground up to be easy to use and effective. It produces results that are professional quality, but affordable for anyone.

What does Blinkâ„¢ offer?
  • iOS and Android apps. (currently in-use)
  • Ability to create 3D AR ‘holograph’ with REAL people
  • Product-linked 3D AR ‘holograph’
  • Rapid (including live) production times.
  • Standard video production techniques reduces cost of production,
  • Blinkâ„¢ content can be consumed on today’s mobile devices, in AR.
  • Content Creators are able to manage their own content.
  • Content is linked from any standard web site, social media site or QR code
  • Call To Action buttons take consumers to a client’s landing page, product page or eCommerce site, with no interference from Blinxel.
  • Subtitling for foreign market penetration.
  • and many more features

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Zebra-RFID-Handheld-Computers-Hero (2)

Gain visibility into your business operations and automate processes through the application of RFID technologies.
RFID solutions give you the real-time asset visibility you need to streamline operations, maximise asset utilisation and error proof asset-related data. RFID technology can help you reduce stock-outs, resulting in higher revenue and a better customer experience.

The technology can track the movement of merchandise through the entire supply chain and in-store, the movements of stock from the stockroom to the shop floor. Allowing for more frequent stock counts, closing the gap between your book and actual stock inventory.  In short, making sure you put the right stock in the right locations.

Three major factors are driving the increase in the adoption of RFID for retail;

1. The need for real-time, accurate stock visibility to meet the demands of the connected consumer.

2. Improvements in RFID technology has resulted in the development of enhanced business solutions.

3. Proven benefits demonstrated by over ten years of development and results as seen by early adopters.

Market researchâ±½ suggests the retail sector will become the biggest user of RFID technology by 2024, estimating that its spend will increase by 5% of global RFID spend today to 27% by 2024. Where will your business be 2024? Ready for the opportunity RFID represents for your business

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ⱽ “RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2014/2024” report, IDTechEx

Bluetooth (BLE)


Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons have developed to the point where they offer valuable opportunities in retail applications.

Adoption rates for beacon technology in the USA have skyrocketed with the forecast number of beacons expected to exceed 4.5 million by 2018. Applications in beacon-based marketing, particularly Proximity Marketing, where retailers can engage shoppers before they even enter the store, are receiving strong support.

Receiving personalised and relevant information and a customised experience goes a long way in converting sales. Also, the ability to monitor and track the real-time positioning of assets is a valuable service. BLE devices have the capacity for location intelligence and real-time tracking of where an asset is on the premises.

Talk to a Beyond Retail technology expert who can assist you in exploring the opportunities in BLE to create;

* Presence authentication, proximity marketing, and automation;

* Locating people, way-finding, and attendance tracking;

* Personalized digital signage and interactive digital displays and;

* Real-time asset tracking and wireless sensor networks.



The challenge facing retailers today is how to make the most of this opportunity by engaging with customers in the most efficient, captivating and profitable way. Wi-Fi represents the golden opportunity to interact with shoppers via their smartphones.

A retailer needs to be sure they can transfer the right offers and product information at the right time in a way that does not irritate or annoy.

Wi-Fi is an excellent solution as it is versatile, cost-effective as a technology and is one that most store operators already have as part of their primary store infrastructure.

Talk to a Beyond Retail technology expert on how we can work with your team on WiFi solutions to create or augment programs for;

* Customer Loyalty

* Marketing Offers

* “smart” fitting rooms

* Customized Promotions

* Customer Routing

or discover the numerous WiFi applications where Beyond Retail can assist you.

EVT (Electronic Voucher Terminal)

The EVT is a peripheral that looks like a barcode scanner to the attached POS terminal. The EVT connects to the Internet, via WiFi and the Retail Edgeware Application Platform (REAPâ„¢) Cloud service.

The REAPâ„¢ Cloud Service reads tokens, such as Barcode, NFC, BLE or keystroke inputs for different barcode or set of keystrokes that are injected into the POS (e.g. A discount barcode voucher).
The process allows the EVT to integrate with the POS in an agnostic way requiring no POS software changes, using a lightweight infrastructure.

What you can do with the EVT?

* Integrates with POS systems without software modification;

              * Attach POS barcode vouchers to any token (e.g. Ticket or Membership card);

* You can redeem points directly into a POS system;

* Instant redemption;

              * Manage complex loyalty programs;

* Tokens can work across different POS systems;

* Brands, Loyalty Schemes, Merchants, Shopping Centres and Venues can now
overlay an integrated loyalty system across disparate merchants;

* Measure effectiveness with real-time reporting and;

              * “impulse” buying at POS when integrated with an AR application

Talk to a Beyond Retail technology expert and discover the applications where EVT can add value to your retail business.

Store and Customer Analytics

Retailnext analytics (2)

The first vertical integrated IoT platform to bring e-Commerce style shopper analytics to Brick and Mortar retailers. RetailNext is a pioneer in focusing entirely on optimising the shopper experience. RetailNext’s analytics software and retail expertise to increase sales, reduce theft and eliminate unnecessary costs are why Beyond Retail’s experts can work with your store to discover how implementing the RetailNext program can add value to your retail business.

We provide store operations executives with the ability to identify opportunities for growth, execute changes and measure success.

Loyalty Programs


Increasing competition in retail is forcing retailers to re-evaluate how they deliver value and stay relevant to customers. Retailers want to understand what drives customers to visit their stores and make purchases and how to reinforce those loyal behaviours.

Loyalty programs can help you achieve these goals, increase store traffic, generate more repeat visits, drive deeper engagement and successful financial returns on the overall loyalty investment. All things considered, doing loyalty successfully is no easy feat, but it can be done and be rewarding.

There is no single key to a successful loyalty program. It takes the combined effort of new technology, data-driven strategy and ongoing adjustment and improvement.  Successful Loyalty programs should be supported by efficient reporting capabilities that link transaction data, customer data, CRM and campaign data to provide a birds-eye view of your Loyalty system.

Retailers spend five to ten times more to capture a new customer than to retain a current one. That means that engaging your existing customers could cost far less and reap more benefits in the long run. If you want to know how to create your own Loyalty Program or want to augment your existing program, the talk to one of the Beyond Retail experts and explore the options available to you.

Facial Identification (FID) / Facial Recognition


Today facial recognition cameras, which track the face of consumers are starting to become adopted by retailers in Prime markets. In fact, search by CSC¹ revealed that an estimated 59% of fashion retailers in the United Kingdom are using facial recognition today.

Having the technology and infrastructure in place, such as big data and customer analytics, will help retailers to understand their client better, as they look to adapt to changing consumer behaviour, in this rapidly evolving environment. Facial recognition is also used for security.

However, it has a stronger purpose. Facial Recognition can also be applied to analyse shoppers behaviour, where they go and what grabs their attention.

Shopping Centres and retailers are using facial recognition technology with shoppers to learn more about customer demographics. This technology can be used to collect data about a shopper’s age, gender, and even his or her ethnicity.

Speak to Beyond Retail technology experts about how you could use Facial Recognition to achieve or enhance your;

* Real-Time Identification;

* Theft Reduction programs;

* Loyalty Programs;

* Customer Behaviour Tracking and;

* Merchandising Effectiveness

¹ CSC Computer Sciences Pty Ltd – UK

Bespoke Design


With shoppers now demanding multi-sensory experiences, seamless transition from digital to the physical store and back to digital, retailers must increasingly ensure they provide fun and unique shopping experiences.

Retailers committed to developing experiences are also benefiting from retail analytics via product promotion and selection to inventory management, with the view to ultimately increase store traffic and sales.

Beyond Retail’s development team can work to add to your existing platforms or create new platforms and tools that deliver to both the customer and the retailer.