A look at brick-and-mortar retailers growth and where customer experience fits in

Stores will always be an important part of the retail equation. In fact, according to research by the IAB, 30% of direct-to-consumer brands say opening stores is a present priority. This is likely because, in retail categories like fashion, more than 70% of purchases are still made offline.

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8 top new retail tech developments

It’s that time again when we take a look through all of the best new retail tech developments out there. From adopting new ways to design products to new ways to gain customer feedback, to AR, AI and robots, this isn’t some unrealistic vision of retail’s future. This is the future happening now, so make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Read more: http://www.insider-trends.com/8-top-new-retail-tech-developments/#ixzz6BYwlTghE

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Why the ‘endless aisle’ works for the customer and the retailer

RCE_comThere is an old saying in business that more is better. More product, more point-of-sale options, more merchandise access channels in the retail environment will lead to greater sales, greater customer base and a more satisfied consumer. Today’s consumers, especially millennials, want fast and expect such access to every product option — options that aren’t within reach in the physical store environment. One way to deliver that accessibility and the more is the endless aisle concept many retailers, big and small, have put into play.

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