The coming retail renaissance

The retail apocalypse has left retailers scrambling, for years, to innovate forward. No amount of sales, next-gen tech, or masks and sanitizer is going to suddenly make traditional in-store and shopping mall experiences shine like they once did. Something new and innovative is needed. Consumers have come a long way since the dawn of Internet 1.0. Retail mindsets and business models though haven’t kept up. Even before the pandemic, disruption was crashing in on multiple fronts, fresh and compelling direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, shifting consumer behaviors and preferences, mobile and e-commerce services introducing new conveniences and choices, and the tired retail and shopping mall designs. Now in a time of COVID-19, and among store closures and lockdowns, retailers have a unique moment for reflection, a chance to rethink the concept of retail space and experience to digitize and design the blueprint for the future of retail…today. Read more…..

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Contactless retail: What can retailers do to stay relevant?

The emergence of new consumer behavior is blurring the lines between online and in-store shopping experiences. According to an Oracle Retail consumer study, 39% of shoppers said a lack of social distancing would cause them to have a bad shopping experience. In comparison, 66% of the shoppers noted that contactless checkout was a top priority to shopping safely while in-store. As a result, retailers worldwide have had to quickly adapt to consumer needs by enhancing their digital and contactless capabilities, speeding up the checkout process, and implementing social distancing regulations to help shoppers feel safer. Read more……

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Tech look: How kiosks improve the in-store experience

The popularity of kiosks has skyrocketed during the pandemic as retailers look for ways to provide the service customers expect in a socially distanced, low-touch environment.

Let’s take a look at some trends and how sophisticated retail kiosks fit into them. Read more……

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RFID’s e-commerce growth spurt

The need for visibility drove companies to invest in solutions for their complete supply chain while Adidas is using the technology to verify provenance.

The sneaker resale market was booming before the coronavirus spread globally. During the pandemic, though, the second-hand market took off as people at home took stock of their belongings and start cashing in.

That brought about concerns of authenticity for brand-name items. Ensuring product legitimacy is one reason Adidas signed on to Avery Dennison’s new platform, which can verify provenance using RFID and other sensors, said Max Winograd, vice president of connected products at Avery Dennison. Read more……

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Consumers love for digital, mobile experiences here to stay

Shoppers will continue embracing digital and mobile retail experiences even once the coronavirus pandemic is a memory.

That’s a prime finding of a study, from cloud communications and mobile engagement provider Sinch, on consumer behavior during COVID-19 and projected post-activity.

More than half of consumers, 58%, will continue to avoid crowds, 52% will avoid unnecessary travel, 46% will spend less time inside stores and 45% will dine out less often, according to a press release.

Yet retailers aren’t completely delivering the most useful digital and mobile experience that consumers want, according to the study, which stated brands are playing catch-up and many don’t know which channels customers prefer. Read more….

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