Retailers Of Any Size Can Use Technology To Create A Top-Tier Shopping Experience

roinOnline and in-store shopping have converged, driven by technology that was once only available to industry-leading retail enterprises. Now technology helps retailers of any size create the modern shopping experience customers expect — convenient, fast, and increasingly effortless. Image and vision technology is the key to offering “anytime, anywhere” retail shopping and fast and efficient delivery.

Don’t Let The RFID Opportunity Pass You By

isretLeading retailers are embracing the new constant state of change with innovative ideas to win over consumers. Today, using a smartphone, a consumer can pinpoint in the exact aisle where an item is located even before they step through the retailer’s door. They can buy online and pick up in store, or instead have their purchases shipped home. They can search for an item from a dressing room mirror, or consult with a mobile device armed sales associate who can expertly suggest different sizes, colors, or add-on items.