Don’t Let The RFID Opportunity Pass You By

isretLeading retailers are embracing the new constant state of change with innovative ideas to win over consumers. Today, using a smartphone, a consumer can pinpoint in the exact aisle where an item is located even before they step through the retailer’s door. They can buy online and pick up in store, or instead have their purchases shipped home. They can search for an item from a dressing room mirror, or consult with a mobile device armed sales associate who can expertly suggest different sizes, colors, or add-on items.

Making the move from retailer-first to consumer-first

RCE_comTo compete in today’s e-commerce market, brands first need to ask themselves “Who is your customer?” Traditional retail distribution networks place brand manufacturers at one end of the supply chain and end consumers at the opposite end. The reality of this kind of network is that brands don’t have a direct relationship with consumers — instead, a brand’s first priority is to keep the distributor and/or retailer happy, not the end consumer.

The role of store associate is changing, retailers and brands better take notice

RCE_comAs retailers search for the new technology that will give them that edge in customer engagement, its important we understand the new role of the store sales assistant and how critical they are to a successful impementation of any new tech. This is agreat article on this changing role.

In an IBM commercial from 2006, a shadowy man in a trenchcoat combs the aisles of a local supermarket, stuffs products in his pockets, before a security guard catches up with him as he attempts to leave the store.

It is assumed this guy is a shoplifter — that is until he reaches into his coat and mysteriously retrieves a receipt for all of his items.

Twelve years ago, such a shopping experience seemed like pure fantasy, and it was — the ad was part of a campaign imagining the future of retail with RFID technology.

Now, Amazon Go has made it a reality — minus the need for a paper receipt.