Understanding And Embracing The Future Of Work

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • My organization must learn to transform in order to survive.
  • We are in an ongoing war for talent, shifting our culture and modernizing our technology to attract the next generation of workers.
  • Our IT department is moving toward cloud-based technologies to improve employee efficiency and collaboration.
  • Our facilities team is looking to optimize floor layouts to save costs and improve the work environment.

Chances are each statement above applies in some form or fashion to your business. Or, perhaps your organisation is considering taking a coordinated, holistic approach to these transformations to ensure desired outcomes and guard against disruptive impacts.

If you need help in dealing with the changes or the strategies in your technology journey, talk to Beyond Retail and find out how we can help you work through the steps to this change.

This article gives some good starting points on how to approach this change.


Top retailers focus more on data

What is your business doing about its data? With our RetailNext product, we can share with you numerous case studies and client stories about how the use of in store data has transformed retail operations not only from an operational efficiency point of view but also in terms of increased sales results. This article on the Deloitte Digital survey clearly indicates how brand leaders are using data to keep ahead of the game. If you’d like to now more contact us at Beyond Retail or call +61 3 8538 1220

Nearly 60% of global “brand leaders,” including traditional retail, pure-play, consumer goods and branded manufacturing companies, told Deloitte Digital researchers that their value proposition is based on product quality or uniqueness — compared to 11% for price and 6% for convenience, according to survey of 500 companies worldwide. Just 10% identified values and emotional connection as their unique pitch to customers, according to the report.


3 Ways Your Store Associates Can Drive Sales

roinAs we head into another year it’s timely now to consider how well set -up you are with your staff to deliver on the customer service promise. As the article in this post reflects on, whether you’re from the poshest designer boutiques on Fifth Avenue to the airy aisles of big-box stores, sales associates are the front line in customer experience. They are your customer service specialists, brand ambassadors, sales closers, advice givers, in-store problem solvers, and quality controllers. And no matter your size, segment or store count, they are tasked with the all-important job of ensuring a positive shopping experience for the customer, which, in turn, is the most impactful and profitable retail touchpoint at your disposal. http://bit.ly/BR2yhBOQU