The evolution of the store associate

RCE_comImportantly, as we move to the use of IoT technologies, AI, AR and a whole host of technological advancements in how we improve our CX, it’s critical we don’t forget just how important our people at the customer-facing end of this process are to the successful implementation of any CX program.  This article discusses this in more detail.

Faced with unprecedented retail rivalry, more retailers are choosing to stand out and engage shoppers by delivering an enhanced customer experience. Now that customer experience is the new competitive battleground, store associates — the friendly face of retail — have new strategic significance in retailers’ attempts to combat competitors.

Mobile scan-and-go shopping: Future of retail is on

RCE_comAs brick-and-mortar retailers look to enhance the in-store experience to compete with the e-commerce giants, they must contend with the unprecedented challenges posed by decreasing revenues and escalating costs.

But for those who invest smartly in the right digital initiatives, there are huge opportunities. For this reason, transformative technologies such as mobile scan-and-go solutions are gaining momentum across the world.