Consumers love for digital, mobile experiences here to stay

Shoppers will continue embracing digital and mobile retail experiences even once the coronavirus pandemic is a memory.

That’s a prime finding of a study, from cloud communications and mobile engagement provider Sinch, on consumer behavior during COVID-19 and projected post-activity.

More than half of consumers, 58%, will continue to avoid crowds, 52% will avoid unnecessary travel, 46% will spend less time inside stores and 45% will dine out less often, according to a press release.

Yet retailers aren’t completely delivering the most useful digital and mobile experience that consumers want, according to the study, which stated brands are playing catch-up and many don’t know which channels customers prefer. Read more….

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Tech transformation of retail in the time of COVID-19

The global pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of daily life, including how we shop. When the pandemic hit the U.S. in March, essential retailers needed to quickly put in place measures to ensure the health and safety of their customers and employees, while non-essential retailers needed to quickly pivot from a physical to digital environment.

By June, non-store retailers outpaced in-store retail more than 4x over in sales. While COVID-19 has posed myriad challenges to in-person retail, from safety to delivery, it has also accelerated the technological evolution of retail. Technologies that enabled the enhancement of in-store or curbside pick-up, customer personalization, and contactless service and delivery have helped retailers solve for some of today’s challenges.

These experiences are not just limited to deep pocketed retailers; small and midsize retailers also need to look at how next generation technology and digital transformation can better service customers in this new normal. Read more…

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Building bigger baskets by increasing engagement in a mission-driven world

Not that long ago, online grocery shopping was an exclusive playground for pioneers of the digital world.

Now, though, that playground is a lot more crowded.

Online shopping participation has accelerated at warp speed through the evolution of COVID-19. And it is not just among the digital elite. More and more people are choosing alternative shopping options like home delivery, click-and-collect and curbside.

It is become a time of change for retailers, many of whom are adjusting to meet the moment by offering choice. They are pivoting to offer online fulfillment options, which requires them to ensure the efficiency expected by third-party pickers. At the same time, they have had to adapt their in-store game to satisfy list-focused shoppers demanding safety and security. The common thread? Everyone wants to get in and out as quickly as possible.

As a result, the need to drive loyalty and build baskets through shopper engagement has never been more urgent. Read more…...

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A New Frontier for Frontline Retail Workers

A great article from the RIS group in the USA. It clearly talks about the challenges retailers, staff and customers will need to address as we move forward into a lower contact world. Where the quality of service is still a key differentiator for the consumer.

More than ever before, retailers must understand their customer-facing employees role and undertake initiatives to ensure that frontline employees remain safe, empowered, and satisfied on the job. In fact, developing and acting upon this understanding is critical if retailers are to succeed in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond.  Read more….

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How Retailers Can Refine Contactless Fulfillment

Though businesses are now reopening, many consumers may be reluctant to return to their previous routines or give up newfound conveniences, which means curbside pickup and contactless delivery are not going anywhere  and retailers must continue to adapt.  Read more…

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