Are your customers’ experiences profoundly remarkable?

RCE_com“What does emotional connection mean to you?” I asked a senior leader of a retail chain. I was expecting an insightful answer. “It means being helpful, courteous, and respectful to customers,” he replied. I probed a bit further. “How is emotional connection different from plain, ordinary customer experience?” I got a speech about being treated like a person and not a like a number. He ended with: “We need to stop treating customers like consumers and started treating them like friends.” He made it sound unique and new.

3 brick-and-mortar lessons for e-commerce

RCE_comIt’s an occupational hazard within the retail sector: Lessons learned in the market are usually learned the hard way. Adding insult to injury, there is a very low margin for error, particularly when changing course in the business does not correlate with shopper demands.

The good news for grocery retailers is that decades of lessons learned via brick-and-mortar initiatives for category management and shopper marketing can be applied to e-commerce with relative ease.

3 lessons for improving the retail customer experience

RCE_comAccording to an Aspect survey, 54 percent of millennials, 52 percent of Baby Boomers, and 50 percent of Gen Xers have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer experience. Across the spectrum, consumers agree that poor CX is a definite reason to abandon a service or stop purchasing products. And they’re willing to take to social media to hold brands accountable.

The 3 facts defining the future of loyalty

iNSIDER tRENDSRight now, take out your wallet or purse and have a look inside. How many loyalty cards have you got stuffed in there? How many schemes are you signed up to on your emails? How many do you really care about?

Loyalty has been part of the retail strategy for a long time. The logic is somewhat sound. Returning customers means returning income, especially if they can be incentivised to spend more. But the schemes that retailers use to try to win that loyalty aren’t very inspiring. What worth does one piece of card or plastic have over another?