Tranxactor Thought Leadership: Future Proofing Omnichannel Retail

TRB logoWe’re living in a time of rapid change and with each passing month comes a new trend (or concern) for retailers to stay on top of. From omnichannel to automation, to wearables, beacons, connected devices through to the simple tech that we’re all adapting to – our smart heating systems, the upcoming 5G and of course the ubiquitous Alexa device in every home, retailers are at the sharp edge of the step change that comes from receiving and needing to analyse and respond to vast amounts of data. This article is part of a UK series on the Future of Retail and well worth the time to read this longer article.


Zara to launch an Augmented Reality app in its stores

Evening Standard Zara have announced a plan to roll out an augmented reality (AR) experience across 120 of their flagship stores globally from April 18.

The two-week initiative will allow customers who have downloaded the ZARA AR app to hold up their phone to certain store windows or a sensor within the store and see models come to life on their screens – walking and even talking – wearing selected items from the Zara range, which they can then click through and buy.