How to quickly win at O2O retail

iNSIDER tRENDS     If you believe the assertions that physical retail is dead, then the concept of online-to-offline commerce will seem pointless to you. After all, online-to-offline, or O2O, is all about using online channels to drive customers to physical retail stores. And what’s the point if the store is no more? Well, the Financial Times reports that UK online sales of non-food items reached 24.1% in December 2017 – which sounds like a lot. But that means that over three-quarters of sales took place in stores. And that’s just non-food.

Top 30 M-Commerce Initiatives

iNSIDER tRENDS According to Statista, mobile commerce, or m-commerce, revenue worldwide has increased from $184 billion in 2014 to a projected $669 billion by the end of this year. That’s a lot of money. Combine that with the fact that as of 2016, according to Actinic, 86% of UK digital shoppers made a purchase through a mobile platform and you begin to see just how much of an impact mobile is having on retail.

Why delivery is playing a starring role in the retail customer experience

RCE_com All one needs to do to understand about how critical delivery service is today is to read the headlines. Everyone, from Amazon to Walmart to Kroger to the mid-size and smaller retailers, is debuting and enhancing purchase delivery options. The expanding list includes two-day, one-day, two-hour, and kiosk pick-up in and outside the store, and they’re all quickly becoming the norm. There’s even package drop inside a home and in car trunks, thanks to Amazon.