E-commerce companies eye physical retail

NEW YORK — By day two of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, it was not only clear that retailers of all stripes have a newfound appreciation for the value of their physical stores, but also that many are grappling with the limits of the online channel. 

The conversation at the 2020 NRF show is a timely reminder for us on what is the future of the retail store. We’ve heard all the “retail is dead” stories during 2019, we’ve seen some major store closures and yet here we are in the first month of 2020 with a story about physical stores and eCommerce companies seeking to open stores.

Retail is not dead, stores are not dead, but it is changing. The role of the store and the expectations of customer experience is changing. The store is the brand extension, a place of experiencing products, a part of the buying decision matrix. http://bit.ly/2tVCEV5

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How digital queuing can save brick-and-mortar retailers

Many brick-and-mortar retailers are in trouble, and in no small part because they are failing to take advantage of the internet’s potential. The web facilitated the rise of giants like Amazon, but it also offers plenty of options to help traditional entrepreneurs compete — and succeed. The key is not to try and out-Amazon Amazon, but to provide what Amazon and its peers cannot — face-to-face customer service in a comfortable, welcoming space.

Rather than being the downfall of physical retail locations, the internet can supercharge this unique advantage. That’s why more and more retail stores are embracing digital queuing, fusing the organisational and streamlining power of the internet with the ambience and experience of going shopping.

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The New Digitally Transformed Store: A Hub For Technology Innovation

The meaning of brick and mortar retailing has forever changed. However, if you can recall the trending topics from just a few years ago, the debate between retail apocalypse and retail renaissance was in full swing, with the majority of industry watchers touting that it was the end of the physical store as we know it. Today, while the store has definitely undergone a transformation, the metamorphosis has led to a new concept for the physical store – a hub for technology innovation.

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Enjoy the article, it covers the key areas you should be considering with your IT people and store infrastructure.


Sam’s Club, 7-Eleven push forward with cashierless stores

Amazon grabbed the spotlight with its cashierless stores when it introduced Amazon Go in late 2016. But existing brick and mortar retailers have not been silent. 7-Eleven and Sam’s Club have been testing “scan and pay” technology. Executives from both companies gave an update on their progress at the Shoptalk Show in Las Vegas during a session on emerging shopping experiences.
This article answers some of the obvious questions that are in any retailers mind when thinking about a cashierless store.

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RFID Enables Nearly 100% Order Accuracy for Retail

Using RFID, companies can triple their order accuracy and reduce chargebacks. Sounds like a bold claim, read the attached article and see what the research is showing

Line item RFID is showing the capability to increase supply chain efficiency.  According to a new research from the Auburn University RFID Lab and GS1 US  brand owners and retailers using Electronic Product Code (EP)-enabled radio frequency identification (RFID) to optimize inventory management and reconcile product shipments are capable of achieving 99.9 percent order accuracy.

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