Data tracking is the most ‘shopper ready’ in-store tech

HighStreet’s Retail Innovation Radar™ Report is a quarterly report that measures twelve influential technology innovations in brick and mortar retail. It is based on shopper acceptance of these technologies, not on the technological advances of the innovations. In this issue of the Retail Innovation Radar Report™, you’ll discover some in-store tech and retail case studies that will help you deliver on these ever-heightening shopper expectations.

Beyond Retail is a leading Australian company, working in the design, deployment and management of RFID, Frictionless Payment, Data Tracking, and Augmented Reality applications. If you’d like to know more about how you can bring these technologies to your business, contact us on +61 3 8538 1220 or

Why the ‘endless aisle’ works for the customer and the retailer

RCE_comThere is an old saying in business that more is better. More product, more point-of-sale options, more merchandise access channels in the retail environment will lead to greater sales, greater customer base and a more satisfied consumer. Today’s consumers, especially millennials, want fast and expect such access to every product option — options that aren’t within reach in the physical store environment. One way to deliver that accessibility and the more is the endless aisle concept many retailers, big and small, have put into play.

Beyond Retail can advise, design and implement an Endless Aisle for consumer facing businesses.  Our expertise in Kiosk systems, our Paisec SPS Mobile payments platform and our many years experience in the RFID space mean we can assist in deploying an Endless Aisle concept.

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3 Ways Your Store Associates Can Drive Sales

roinAs we head into another year it’s timely now to consider how well set -up you are with your staff to deliver on the customer service promise. As the article in this post reflects on, whether you’re from the poshest designer boutiques on Fifth Avenue to the airy aisles of big-box stores, sales associates are the front line in customer experience. They are your customer service specialists, brand ambassadors, sales closers, advice givers, in-store problem solvers, and quality controllers. And no matter your size, segment or store count, they are tasked with the all-important job of ensuring a positive shopping experience for the customer, which, in turn, is the most impactful and profitable retail touchpoint at your disposal.