Building bigger baskets by increasing engagement in a mission-driven world

Not that long ago, online grocery shopping was an exclusive playground for pioneers of the digital world.

Now, though, that playground is a lot more crowded.

Online shopping participation has accelerated at warp speed through the evolution of COVID-19. And it is not just among the digital elite. More and more people are choosing alternative shopping options like home delivery, click-and-collect and curbside.

It is become a time of change for retailers, many of whom are adjusting to meet the moment by offering choice. They are pivoting to offer online fulfillment options, which requires them to ensure the efficiency expected by third-party pickers. At the same time, they have had to adapt their in-store game to satisfy list-focused shoppers demanding safety and security. The common thread? Everyone wants to get in and out as quickly as possible.

As a result, the need to drive loyalty and build baskets through shopper engagement has never been more urgent. Read more…...

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What do Gen Z shoppers really want?

Gen Z: a generation who value experience over product. They live in a world where gaming rules and the boundaries are blurred between real and digital lives. Gen Z is the tribe succeeding the millennials and preceding Generation Alpha; the gaming generation representing over 35% of consumers in 2020.

The new blended phygital reality is permeating Gen Z’s daily lives, and in-turn elevating the expectation in brand and retail experience; an experience that they still very much desire, but of course, on their terms. Digitization and hyper-reality are big culture drivers for them especially in the creative sphere, where virtual gigs, artificial intelligence art and digital fashion are becoming increasingly relevant. Augmented reality filters continue to be one of the biggest influences on Instagram and Snapchat that bleed into retail, with Gen Z shaping and sharing their own otherworldly lives. Read more…..

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5 things retailers can do to stay competitive in the ever-changing world of retail

Growing up, a shopping trip to the mall was a much-anticipated event! It meant hanging out with friends, trying on the latest fashions, and eating at the food court. But well before COVID- 19 reared its ugly head, shopping trends changed and much of that had to do with consumers’ need to connect with brands, purchase products that have been personalized for us, and the ability to get our purchases quickly and conveniently. Navigating the new and ever-changing customer journey is key for brands to stay on the road to success. Read more…..

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Retail Empowerment: Tech Investments to Meet the Needs of Today’s Consumer

OIPThe power of e-commerce has taken on an unprecedented urgency, its necessity forced by the coronavirus global health crisis.

And as physical retail takes a pause, merchants are still determining how their previous investments in omnichannel selling will support them during this difficult environment. Read more…..

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Retail’s Pause is Over: Let’s Look Where Tech Investments Might Be Headed Now

OIPIn the blink of an eye, retail has changed forever.

As COVID-19 has spread across the globe, retailers have been forced to explore untested business models just to keep operating in a new, restrictive reality. Even for an industry accustomed to disruption, the widespread shuttering of doors has been like a kick in the teeth to some.

But retailers are resilient. They’ve found new ways to survive — and in some cases even thrive — during this unprecedented crisis. Read more…..

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