L’Oréal glamorizes AR tech with two-way beauty consultation

Retail DiveOne of the most exciting developments in CX is the adoption of AR technologies. Up until now, the cost has meant these have only been in the domain of large multi-nationals, but new developments will soon see the release of more cost-effective AR technologies. L’Oreal is a great example of customer-focused AR applications adding to the customer engagement process.

L’Oréal is giving consumers a way to take their augmented reality-based makeup try-ons to the next level by enabling a beauty adviser to a place recommended products on a shopper’s face during a live consultation. Live Makeup Consultation, which will be rolled out for L’Oréal’s professional brand NYX Cosmetics, was officially debuted during a session at Cannes Lions this week.                          http://bit.ly/BR2KBWxE3


Reporter’s Notebook: A quest for experiential retail

Retail Dive

Always a great place to visit and see what’s happening in new retail concepts and this article clearly shows the experiential side of retail engagement continues to be driving new design initiatives at store level.

Retail Dive’s Cara Salpini spent three days wandering the streets of Manhattan, exploring some of the freshest store concepts in the city — and what makes them tick.      http://bit.ly/BR2IEEVWk

Hurdling obstacles in retail kiosk deployments

RCE_comThis is an area where there is a lot of opportunities for local retailers to introduce the use of kiosks to improve the customer experience. From simple information posts to full-fledged sales terminals this is an area of increasing activity in overseas markets. This is a good article looking at the issues facing kiosk and digital signage implementations.

Given the customer benefits that kiosks and digital signage can deliver for retailers, the challenges that oftentimes accompany these deployments are an acceptable cost.


The evolution of the store associate

RCE_comImportantly, as we move to the use of IoT technologies, AI, AR and a whole host of technological advancements in how we improve our CX, it’s critical we don’t forget just how important our people at the customer-facing end of this process are to the successful implementation of any CX program.  This article discusses this in more detail.

Faced with unprecedented retail rivalry, more retailers are choosing to stand out and engage shoppers by delivering an enhanced customer experience. Now that customer experience is the new competitive battleground, store associates — the friendly face of retail — have new strategic significance in retailers’ attempts to combat competitors.