E-commerce companies eye physical retail

NEW YORK — By day two of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, it was not only clear that retailers of all stripes have a newfound appreciation for the value of their physical stores, but also that many are grappling with the limits of the online channel. 

The conversation at the 2020 NRF show is a timely reminder for us on what is the future of the retail store. We’ve heard all the “retail is dead” stories during 2019, we’ve seen some major store closures and yet here we are in the first month of 2020 with a story about physical stores and eCommerce companies seeking to open stores.

Retail is not dead, stores are not dead, but it is changing. The role of the store and the expectations of customer experience is changing. The store is the brand extension, a place of experiencing products, a part of the buying decision matrix. http://bit.ly/2tVCEV5

Enjoy the article and ask yourself, is my business ready for the next 5 years? Do we have the right customer experience? Do my staff understand their role in this process? Do we have the technology and the structure to achieve the required change? If you answered NO to any of these questions, then call Beyond Retail and let’s have a chat.

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