How microservices play a role in delivering digital commerce innovation.

Retailers looking to keep customer experiences up to speed with emerging digital touch points, consumer trends, competitors’ moves and technological innovation face a challenge — keeping their legacy commerce platforms up to date is painfully slow, expensive and risky.

The typical enterprise commerce platforms, whether packaged or home grown, is monolithic. With monolithic architecture, critical pieces of the commerce platform are tightly coupled and highly interdependent, share the same code base, and run as a single process. Updating one component like catalog, promotions or checkout can create unhappy surprises in other areas, so updates must be made conservatively, the system requires extensive regression testing after every change, and major releases typically occur only once per quarter.

To work around the pains of legacy commerce technology, business and IT leaders are increasingly looking to more flexible, API-driven solutions to deliver digital commerce innovation.

This is a philosophy Beyond Retail subscribes to. For example our approach to RFID has been to design an infrastructure light RFID application that allows a retailer to introduce RFID into their business without any need to change their ERP system. Cloud based, it can be rolled out to a business in days, not weeks or months. Simple, feature packed and effective.

If you like to know more about Beyond Retail’s infrastructure light RFID solution contact us at 1300 524 475 or email us at Beyond Retail RFID.

Enjoy the article, it gives a good starting point for discussion with your IT people about how are they handling the microservice philosophy.

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